• The functions labelslidergrid! and labelslider! now set fixed widths for the value column with a heuristic. It is possible now to pass Formatting.format format strings as format specifiers in addition to the previous functions.


  • Reenabled Julia 1.3 support.

  • Use MathTexEngine v0.2.

  • Depend on new GeometryBasics, which changes all the Vec/Point/Quaternion/RGB/RGBA - f0 aliases to just f. For example, Vec2f0 is changed to Vec2f. Old aliases are still exported, but deprecated and will be removed in the next breaking release. For more details and an upgrade script, visit GeometryBasics#97.

  • Added hspan! and vspan! functions #1264.



  • LaTeXStrings can now be used as input to text and therefore as labels for Axis, Legend, or other comparable objects. Mathematical expressions are typeset using MathTeXEngine.jl which offers a fast approximation of LaTeX typesetting. #1022

  • Added Symlog10 and pseudolog10 axis scales for log scale approximations that work with zero and negative values. #1109

  • Colorbar limits can now be passed as the attribute colorrange similar to plots. #1066

  • Added the option to pass three vectors to heatmaps and other plots using SurfaceLike conversion. #1101

  • Added stairs plot recipe. #1086

  • Removed FigurePosition and FigureSubposition types. Indexing into a Figure like fig[1, 1] now returns GridPosition and GridSubposition structs, which can be used in the same way as the types they replace. Because of an underlying change in GridLayoutBase.jl, it is now possible to do Axis(gl[1, 1]) where gl is a GridLayout that is a sublayout of a Figure's top layout. #1075

  • Bar plots and histograms have a new option for adding text labels. #1069

  • It is possible to specify one linewidth value per segment in linesegments. #992

  • Added a new 3d camera that allows for better camera movements using keyboard and mouse. #1024

  • Fixed the application of scale transformations to surface. #1070

  • Added an option to set a custom callback function for the RectangleZoom axis interaction to enable other use cases than zooming. #1104

  • Fixed rendering of heatmaps with one or more reversed ranges in CairoMakie, as in heatmap(1:10, 10:-1:1, rand(10, 10)). #1100

  • fixed volume slice recipe and add docs for it #1123