Config file

A configuration file can be used to save theming options. This makes it easier to have a common style for multiple plots without explicitly giving the desired options each time.

A config file must return an Attributes object. For example, if the contents of theme.jl is the following:

    font = "Chilanka",
    backgroundcolor = :gray,
    color = :blue,
    linestyle = :dot,
    linewidth = 3

you can use it with Makie by includeing it before making any plots

theme = include("theme.jl")
theme isa Attributes && set_theme!(theme)

There are other things that you can configure in this file before returning the Attributes, though.

Resolution setting

You can set the default resolution, at which Scenes will be displayed, by adding the statement:

reasonable_resolution() = (800, 800)

before the attributes' declaration.

You can also configure your primary resolution, by:

primary_resolution() = (1920, 1080)