The main repo to test is MakieGallery; all other test scripts are based off MakieGallery. There are several environment variables which govern the behaviour of the test suite.

  • MAKIEGALLERY_MINIMAL to control whether only short tests or all examples are run
  • MAKIEGALLERY_FAST to control whether the time-consuming examples run or not

Logistical issues


Makie goes with the design of backends overloading the functions like scatter(::Backend, args...), which means they can be loaded in by Julia's normal code loading mechanisms, and should be precompile-safe. Makie also tries to be statically compilable, but this isn't as straightforward as one could think. So far it seems that all kind of globals are not save for static compilation and generated functions seem to also make problems. I'm slowly removing problematic constructs from the dependencies and try to get static compilation as quick as possible.

The state of static compilability in Makie

Currently, Makie is statically compilable.

TODOs / Up for grabs

Check out this project for planned features and additions to Makie, as well as backlogged documentation issues.

Adding Cameras

If you're planning to add a new camera type, you will also have to edit the apply_camera! function, to accept your camera type.