Makie overloads the FileIO interface, so it is simple to save Scenes as images.

Static plots

To save a scene as an image, you can just write e.g.:

Makie.save("plot.png", scene)
Makie.save("plot.jpg", scene)

where scene is the scene handle.

In the backend, ImageMagick is used for the image format conversions.

Stepper plots

A Stepper is a scene type that simplifies the cumulative plotting, modifying of an existing scene, and saving of scenes. These are great for showing off progressive changes in plots, such as demonstrating the effects of theming or changing data.

You can initialize a Stepper by doing:

st = Stepper(scene, @replace_with_a_path)

and save the scene content & increment the stepper by using:

using Makie

 function stepper_demo()
     scene = Scene()
     pos = (50, 50)
     steps = ["Step 1", "Step 2", "Step 3"]
     colors = AbstractPlotting.ColorBrewer.palette("Set1", length(steps))
     lines!(scene, Rect(0,0,500,500), linewidth = 0.0001)
     # initialize the stepper and give it an output destination
     st = Stepper(scene, "stepper_demo")

     for i = 1:length(steps)
             position = pos,
             align = (:left, :bottom),
             textsize = 100,
             font = "Blackchancery",
             color = colors[i],
             scale_plot = false
         pos = pos .+ 100
         step!(st) # saves the step and increments the step by one

For more info, consult the Example Gallery.