Hi! Welcome to Makie, a high-performance, extendable, and multi-platform plotting package for Julia.

Installation & tutorial

Install Makie by running ]add Makie (in the REPL) or Pkg.add("Makie").

If installing the master branch, be sure to also add AbstractPlotting#master and GLMakie#master

See the Tutorial for how to plot, or the Example Gallery below for examples.

I'm an expert!

Head straight to the Plotting functions overview.

The Ecosystem

What makes up the Makie Ecosystem? Makie.jl is the metapackage for a rich ecosystem, which consists of GLMakie.jl, CairoMakie.jl and WGLMakie.jl (the backends); AbstractPlotting.jl (the bulk of the package); and StatsMakie.jl (statistical plotting support, as in StatsPlots.jl).

There are also a number of packages that are being built to extend and enable more customizability within Makie. While these are not part of Makie currently, if you are looking to go a little deeper into what is possible, it is worth looking into them: MakieThemes.jl

Getting Help

If you run into any issues or have questions that you cannot solve on your own by using the help mode in the REPL, here are your options:

  1. Open an issue in this repo or the main Makie.jl repo.
  2. Join the Julia Slack and look for the #makie channel.