Welcome to Makie!

Makie is a high-performance, extendable, and multi-platform plotting ecosystem for the Julia programming language.

Installation and Import

]add Makie
using Makie

Makie.jl bundles AbstractPlotting.jl and the GLMakie.jl backend. If you want to use a different backend like CairoMakie, add and import AbstractPlotting as well:

]add AbstractPlotting, CairoMakie
using AbstractPlotting
using CairoMakie

CairoMakie.activate!() # only if a different backend is active already

First Steps

Makie Ecosystem

AbstractPlotting.jlDefines all infrastructure objects which can be visualized using one of the three backend packages.
GLMakie.jlDefault Makie backend. GPU-powered, interactive 2D and 3D plotting in standalone GLFW.jl windows.
CairoMakie.jlCairo.jl based, non-interactive 2D backend for publication-quality vector graphics.
WGLMakie.jlWebGL-based interactive 2D and 3D plotting that runs within browsers.

Extension Packages

AlgebraOfGraphics.jlGrammar-of-graphics style plotting, inspired by ggplot2.
GeoMakie.jlGeographic plotting utilities.

Getting Help

  1. Use the REPL ? help mode
  2. Join the #makie channel in the Julia Slack group.
  3. Open an issue in the Makie.jl repository.